Nursing Home Administration Courses (2014-2015)


The Nursing Home Administration Program offers 144 clock-hours of instruction in four units, each involving Saturday sessions. To complete the program, participants must attend 128 clock hours (90%) and pass a comprehensive final exam for each unit.
    Classes run from 9:00am - 4:00pm each Saturday.
    Unit 1 covers leadership, labor and management contracts, affirmative action, wages, legal issues, HIPPA
    Unit 2 covers aging process, gerontology and geriatric infection control, nutrition, pharmacy.
    Unit 3 covers General and States Rules/Regulations for Dietary Services in Long Term Care Facilities,       medicare, fire safety.
    Unit 4 covers accounting and budget, recreational, medicaid, and insurance.


  • January 3 - February 7, 2015 (Unit 3)
  • February 14 - March 21, 2015 (Unit 4)


James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, Lansing, MI.


Anyone interested in nursing home administration and those currently involved in health care administration who wish to review and update their skills in the field.

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