Center for Water Sciences


The Center for Water Sciences (CWS) at MSU is comprised of interdisciplinary scientific teams of MSU faculty and students who investigate and provide solutions to current, emerging, and future environmental problems that face local, national, and global water systems. The CWS researchers are dedicated to promoting the integration of traditional fields of science to address water-related issues and research that focus on ecosystems and human health. Their goal is to advance scientific research and knowledge for understanding, protecting, and restoring water resources and their sustainable use by humans and ecosystems around the Great Lakes and the world. The CWS investigators address a variety of research topics including antibiotics in water and development of microbial resistance, viral pathogens and waterborne disease, the complexity of natural and human influences on biodiversity and valued attributes of aquatic ecosystems within watersheds, and the effects of contaminants with global origins.


301 Manly Miles Building, 1405 S. Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI, 48823.


Ground and surface water professionals; local water boards; wastewater and water quality engineers; ecologists;


The Center for Water Sciences is an interdisciplinary unit comprised of faculty members from across MSU.

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