Junior Citizen Planner Program


This fun, hands-on curriculum helps youth understand the connection between civics, the environment, and our community. The Junior Citizen Planner program develops participants' skills in becoming good citizens and responsible decision-makers, and will develop community pride. The primary subject areas covered in the program are:

  • Social Studies, Civics, and Community
  • Geography
  • Environmental Science and Land Use Planning
  • Land Use Technology (GIS, GPS)


Activities are posted at the Website below. They are in PDF format and include: an overview, objectives, subject, skills, duration, materials, background information, step-by-step procedure, assessment options, adaptations/extensions, additional resources, as well as the pertinent Michigan Curriculum Framework Content Standards and Benchmarks and Kent County Core Curriculum. (Activities are not specific to Kent County.)


Junior Citizen Planner targets youth in the classroom and 4-H Club setting but may also be used with: day and summer camp programs, Scouts, Campfire, and other youth programs.


MSU Extension's Citizen Planner Program and 4-H Youth Development. Junior Citizen Planner activities are made available to the public through the This Land Is Your Land learning series, which received grant funding to provide these land use educational materials to the public. The This Land Is Your Land youth land use learning series developed by MSU Extension's United Growth for Kent County project.

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