Educational Technology Masters Degree Program: Online Format


The Master of Arts in Educational Technology prepares teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals for the thoughtful use of technologies to support teaching and learning in a range of educational environments. The program draws on current theories of learning and development to understand the role of technology in learning and instruction. To complete the MAET degree you need 30-credits (10 courses.) We offer the Master’s in Educational Technology (MAET) completely online. Educational professionals from all over the globe are a part of the MAET online community.  After completing the Educational Technology Certificate students apply to the MAET Online degree program. Once admitted students are required to take:

  •     CEP 800: Learning in School and Other Settings
  •     CEP 807: Capstone in Educational Technology
  •     CEP 815: Technology and Leadership **
  •     CEP 820: Teaching K-12 Students Online **
  •     CEP 822: Approaches to Educational Research

** (if interested in the NP Endorsement)

and 2 elective courses from:

  •     CEP 805: Learning Mathematics with Technology
  •     CEP 806: Learning Science with Technology
  •     CEP 813: Electronic Portfolios for Teaching & Learning
  •     CEP 816: Technology, Teaching, and Learning Across the Curriculum
  •     CEP 817: Learning Technology Through Design
  •     CEP 882: The Nature and Design of Compelling Experiences

After being admitted to the program, you will meet with your advisor to devise a program plan outlining your schedule of courses.




Teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals.


MSU College of Education.

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