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  • Basic Life Support (CPR) Courses


    965 East Fee Hall, MSU, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


    The Learning and Assessment Center offers Basic Life Support courses (also known as “CPR”). Participants will receive instruction and skill training in:

    • CPR for adult, child and infant victims
    • Use of a barrier device, bag mask devices, and oxygen to ventilate a victim
    • Use of an AED
    • Management/relief of foreign body obstructions in responsive and unresponsive victims

    These courses are offered to individuals and groups. They may be taught at the Learning Assessment Center or on-site. Successful demonstration of CPR skills and completion of a written exam with a score of at least 84% is required.

  • Rural Health Grand Rounds


    Offered quarterly.



    Programs are provided in various formats that may include video conference, teleconference, webinar, or face-to-face participation.


    Rural Health Grand Rounds are educational offerings provided to rural healthcare settings and providers as part of the mission of the Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH). The following Grand Rounds are offered: EMS; Geriatric; Nursing; Oral Health; Pharmacy; Psychiatry; Social Work; Legal; and special topics.  Several topics offer continuing education credits.

  • Stroke Team


    East Lansing, MI


    MSU's Department of Neurology and Ophthalmology, in partnership with Sparrow Hospital, offers its Stroke Team as one of its subspecialties. The goal of the team is to quickly identify those patients who are experiencing symptoms of stroke and who might be helped by early intervention including thrombolysis. The Stroke Team evaluates patients in the Emergency Department and provides follow-up during their hospitalization. Through educational programs, the team also works to increase awareness about the signs and symptoms of stroke to facilitate early intervention and prevention. All stroke patients are offered out-patient follow-up at MSU stroke clinic. They also have an active stroke research program which includes stroke genetics, vascular neurobiology and stroke epidemiology.

  • Transfusion Service Operations and Management Online Certificate Program


    MSU's Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostic Program offers a four-course certificate program in Transfusion Service Management. The courses include:

    • BLD 835: Hemostasis, Thrombosis and Effective Resource Management: 3 credits
    • BLD 836: Adverse Transfusion Outcomes: Detection, Monitoring, and Prevention: 2 credits
    • BLD 837: Transfusion Service Operations and Management: 1 credit
    • BLD 838: Blood Product Management

    Upon successful completion of these courses the person will receive a certificate of completion in Transfusion Management Services.


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