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  • Advanced Regulatory Studies Program (October 2018)


    October 1 - 5, 2018


    Kellogg Center, MSU, 219 South Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


    The IPU Advanced Regulatory Studies Program is a series of specialized half-day and all-day workshops designed to provide public- and private-sector regulatory professionals a unique opportunity to interact and exchange ideas on advanced technical, methodological, and policy issues. Each workshop provides a unique and intensive immersion experience, emphasizing both discipline-based and sector-specific learning opportunities, interactive instruction and peer-to-peer dialog, advanced analytical methodologies, and theoretical rigor coupled with practical hands-on problems and exercises. Topical areas cover: Ratemaking, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Evaluation, and Management.

  • Institute of Public Utilities


    East Lansing, MI


    MSU's Institute of Public Utilities, with sponsorship from several MSU colleges and outside utility corporations, supports informed, effective, and efficient regulation of utility network industries--electricity, natural gas, water, and telecommunications. The Institute provides, to the regulatory policy community, integrative, interdisciplinary and balanced educational programs, as well as applied research on the institutions, theory, and practice of modern economic regulation. The Institute focuses on informing and improving the regulatory process through:

    • Educational programs and seminars on regulation policies--held at MSU, at the client's site, or at various locations within the US;
    • Online discussion forums, Web casts, and surveys;
    • Online resources such as links, glossaries, and statistics;
    • Public Utilities publications; and
    • The Trebing Library on Public Utility Regulation, which houses extensive documentation on public utility regulation.

    Please see the website below for a list of current programs.

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