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  • Advanced Flow Cytometry Certificate Courses


    Online and one week on campus


    This program will train laboratory scientists in advanced techniques and use of flow cytometry equipment to diagnose various medical conditions and learn the techniques to arrive at a diagnosis quicker and with more accuracy. Practitioners interested in this program should have completed BLD 850, 851, and 852, OR have experience in Flow Cytometry and the approval of the professor.  Courses for the Advanced Flow Cytometry program include:

    • BLD 853: Advanced Flow Cytometry (2 credits): Online
    • BLD 854: Advance Flow Cytometry Laboratory (2 credits): Week-long, on-campus summer course
  • Bioeconomy Institute Speaker Series: Developing Wolbachia-Based Control Strategies to Block Dengue Virus Transmission in Mosquitoes (April 2017)


    Wednesday, April 12, 2017.  3:30 pm.


    MSU Bioeconomy Insitute Auditorium, 242 Howard Ave, Holland, MI


    Dengue Fever, and associated dengue hemorrhagic fever, is emerging globally as the most important arboviral disease threatening human populations.  At the present time, no treatment or vaccine is available for dengue fever leaving vector control as the primary intervention tool. In nature, about 28 percent of mosquito species harbor Wolbachia bacteria, but the mosquitoes that are the primary transmitters of dengue have no Wolbachia in them. Wolbachia has been found to stop the dengue virus from replicating. If there is no virus in the mosquito, it can’t spread to people, so disease transmission can be blocked.

  • Clinical Mass Spectrometry Courses (Online)


    Online. BLD 872 (laboratory course) is a one-week, on-campus summer course.


    Medical laboratory scientists with training in mass spectrometry are in demand in the clinical laboratory. These courses will cover the fundamentals and build on them through the program. They will cover mass spectrometry in detail and apply this knowledge to clinical based samples. Courses will also cover instrument maintenance and trouble shooting tips.

  • Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics Online Certificate




    The Michigan State University (MSU) Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program offers a Certificate Program in Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics. Completion of the three courses is required for the certificate, though individual course enrollment is possible with appropriate prerequisites. The didactic courses are taught via computer on the World Wide Web through MSU's Virtual University. The laboratory component is a hybrid course, taught online and over one week on the University's East Lansing campus. Participants can also arrange to complete this segment at a remote site where proper equipment and instrumentation is available.

    The courses required for the Certificate Program include:

    • Concepts in Molecular Biology (online): BLD 830, 2 credits
    • Clinical Applications of Molecular Biology (online): BLD 831, 2 credits
    • Molecular Pathology Laboratory (on- or off-campus): BLD 832, 2 credits
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