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  • Horse Behavior and Welfare Online Course


    The online course, Horse Behavior and Welfare, includes an explanation of equine welfare and describes how it relates to horse management. Participants will discover a wealth of resources for learning about horse behavior. Horse enthusiasts of all levels can benefit from this course. Specific topics include:

    • Horse senses
    • Horse body language
    • How a horse learns
    • Key factors for the foundation of training
    • Stereotypic behaviors
    • Managing vices (stereotypic behaviors)
    • The definition of horse welfare
    • How to assess horse welfare

    Each lesson consists of an overview, informative topics including pictures and short video clips, as well as optional activities. Some activities include exercises you can complete by working with your own horse or observing other horses!

  • Horse Management Resources


    Michigan State University Extension’s focus on horses, ponies, donkeys and mules provides educational resources and activities for both youth and adult equine owners.

  • Horse Nutrition Online Course




    This online course covers a variety of topics including feedstuffs, forage, grains, and supplements; nutritional diseases and their prevention and management; and assessment of body condition scores, reading feed tags, and evaluating feeding programs. Members of United States Dressage Federation can earn 2 credits through this course.

  • Horse Owners Seminar Series (November 2017)


    November 11, 2017.  10:00 am - 1:00 pm.


    G150, MSU Veterinary Medical Complex, 784 Wilson Rd. East Lansing, MI 48824


    At the 2017 Horse Owners Seminar Series, Drs. Jennifer Roberts and Carla Carleton will present on the topic: Breeding Your Mare.

  • Horse Selection and Evaluation Online Course


    The online course, Horse Selection and Evaluation, provides valuable information to potential horse buyers on conformation, skeletal structure, and balance that will help buyers make the best decision about performance potential. The course is estimated to take 8-10 hours to complete. Topics covered include:

    • The components of conformation- skeletal structure, balance, muscling, quality and movement- as it applies to various breeds and performance disciplines
    • How conformation relates to performance and overall soundness
    • Causes of blemishes and unsoundness
    • The importance of a pre-purchase exam
    • How to examine a horse for purchase
    • The importance of a sale contract
  • My Horse University Online Program


    Online at:


    My Horse University is an online program designed to provide a comprehensive and convenient learning experience to horse enthusiasts worldwide. The self-paced, independent learning modules feature world-renowned experts and a full-service client center with 24/7 technical support. Current Premier courses include: Horse Nutrition; Horse Behavior and Welfare; Horse Selection and Evaluation. Short courses include: Trail Riding 101; Horse Breeding and Selection; Breeding for a Champion; Your Next Competition Horse; Preparing and Breeding Your Mare (also in Spanish); Post Natal Care; Evaluating Conformation--Form to Function (also in Spanish); Uses, Breeds & Identification of Horses; and Purchasing & Owning a Horse 101.

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