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  • Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection Criminology Online Graduate Certificate Program




    The certificate is an interdisciplinary program to assist working professionals and graduate students who are seeking a well-rounded foundation in anti-counterfeit strategy and product protection. The topics expand from intellectual property infringement counterfeiting to focus on the underlying criminology theories, but also cover the broad product protection field including diversion, tamper-resistance, child-resistance, cargo theft, shoplifting, return and warranty fraud.

  • International Public Health Online Certificate Program


    Bioterrorism, global warming, health worker migration, and the threat of global pandemics, are among the numerous health-related issues with global implications. International public health requires a collective approach to addressing health issues that transcend national borders. Leaders are needed with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work effectively in various cultural settings to address critical health problems with significant global political and economic impact, both domestically and internationally.

    The Graduate Certificate in International Public Health is designed to:

    • Provide graduate and professional students access to interdisciplinary study in global health issues.
    • Offer students the opportunity to gain specific expertise in the unique challenges of international public health in the developing world, or among relevant international populations in the U.S. such as immigrants, refugees, etc.
    • Develop an intellectual environment that will foster the growth of research, teaching and practice in international public health.
    • Provide formal recognition of the student’s area of study upon completion of the five courses.
  • Online Certificate Program in Security Management




    The three-course Security Management Online Certificate Program focuses on current issues and building skills in security management and administration applicable in the ever-changing contemporary environment. Participants can use the certificate program as the first step towards a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Those who complete the certificate program and meet the School of Criminal Justice’s admission criteria for the master’s degree may transfer the certificate courses to their master’s degree program.

    Flexibility is the key feature of the certificate program, which can be completed in just one year. The online format allows students to complete the program at their own convenience, while continuing their regular employment. Participants will earn course credits from Michigan State University for each course completed successfully. Individuals completing the three-course sequence will also be awarded a Certificate in Security Management from the School of Criminal Justice.

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