Spartan Child Development Center (SCDC)


The Spartan Child Development Center (SCDC) is equipped with heated sidewalks, a separate playground for toddlers, child-friendly windows in the infant rooms, heated floors in both infant and toddler rooms, safety surfacing in outdoor playrooms and in infant rooms, child-sized furniture, and hands-on gardening units for children to use. The SCDC, formerly called "Married Students Activity Day Care Center," has been a part of the MSU community since 1971. After 1980, it separated from the University and became Spartan Kid Care, Inc. Parents, both on and off campus, appreciate the exposure their children receive at the SCDC to art, science, music, drama, language development, and large and small motor play. Teachers are professionals, with education and training in child development and related fields.


730 Cresent Road, E. Lansing


Families with two week to seven year old children


MSU Community

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