Food Laws and Regulations Online Courses and International Food Law Certificate


Students may take one course, or as many as they wish. Click below to read individual course descriptions or view our table of sample course outlines. Students who successfully complete 12 credits from the IFLR course list earn a Certificate in International Food Law.

  • International Food Laws and Regulations (FSC 810, Section 730)
  • Food Regulation in the United States (FSC 811, Section 730)
  • Food Regulation in the European Union (FSC 812, Section 730)
  • Food Regulation in Latin America (FSC 813, Section 730)
  • Regulación de Alimentos en América Latina (FSC 813, Section 731)
  • Food Regulation in Canada (FSC 814, Section 730)
  • Food Regulation in China (FSC 815, Section 730)
  • Codex Alimentarius - The Food Code (FSC 816, Section 730)
  • Animal Health, World Trade, and Food Safety (OIE) (FSC 817, Section 730)
  • Regulatory Leadership in Food Law (FSC 820, Section 730)
  • Wine, Beer, and Spirits Laws & Regulations (FSC 821, Section 730)
  • The Law of the Foreign Supplier Verification Program Rule (FSC 851, Section 730)
  • The Law of the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule (FSC 852, Section 730)
  • The Law of the Produce Safety Rule (FSC 853, Section 730)
  • Global Regulation of Food Contact Substances/Packaging (FSC 890, Section # to be Confirmed)




Food industry professionals; legal professionals; health and dietary professionals.


MSU’s Institute for Food Laws & Regulations in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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