Food Law Online Courses


MSU's Institute for Food Laws and Regulations offers online graduate-level courses in food law and regulation for food industry professionals. The courses can be taken for university credit through MSU’s Lifelong Education Program, or as non-credit courses. Courses offered include:

  • International Food Laws and Regulations
  • Food Laws and Regulations in the United States
  • Food Laws and Regulations in the European Union
  • Food Laws and Regulations in Latin America
  • Food Laws and Regulations in Canada
  • Food Laws and Regulations China
  • Codex Alimentarius - The Food Code
  • Animal Health, World Trade and Food Safety (OIE)
  • Regulatory Leadership in Food Law
  • Wine, Beer, and Spirits Laws and Regulations
  • The Law of the Foreign Supplier Verification Program Rul
  • The Law of the Preventive Control for Human Food Rule
  • The Law of the Produce Safety Rule

Courses are taught completely online by an international network of experts in food regulation. No books are required. Enrollment is as easy as registering for a conference, no transcripts are required. Students may take as few or as many courses as they wish, and may earn a certificate after successful completion of four applicable courses.




Food industry professionals; legal professionals; health and dietary professionals.


MSU’s Institute for Food Laws & Regulations in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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