Master of Science in Beam Physics (Online)


The Master of Science in Beam Physics requires a total of 30 credits, of which at least 16 must be at the graduate level. The remainder may be upper division undergraduate. Master's students are also required to complete a Master's Thesis or Master’s Essay (remotely, with supervisor at MSU and/or with approved external mentors at National Laboratories and other universities)--up to 12 credits.

Credit can be earned in a variety of ways by combination of the following classes:

  • Introduction to Beam Physics (online): PHY 861, 3 credits
  • Nonlinear Beam Dynamics (online): PHY 961, 3 credits
  • Particle Accelerators (online): PHY 962, 3 credits (may be taken twice)
  • US Particle Accelerator School (USPAS online): PHY 963, 3 credits (may be taken repeatedly)
  • Seminar in Beam Physics Research: PHY 964, 3 credits (may be taken repeatedly)





Scientists who wish to earn an advanced degree.


MSU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and the U.S. Particle Accelerator School.

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