Asian Studies Center


MSU's Asian Studies Center directs one of the largest, most diverse educational programs on all regions of Asia including East, South, and Southeast Asia. In recent years, the Center has transitioned as the curriculum, faculty research, exchange programs, and outreach activities have developed to embrace programs in diverse places such as India, Indonesia, Korea, and Nepal. Center activities and resourcse include:

Curricular enrichment through symposia, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and film series open to all;
Instruction in Asian languages, including less commonly taught languages such as Nepali, Hindi, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog;
An Asian Library collection with more than 200,000 titles and access to other rich Asia collections; and
Outreach programs assisting K-12 teachers, two-and four-year colleges, and Michigan's business and government communities with education curricula and materials.

Other resources available through the Center include many publications such as the Asia Bulletin, a video collection, lecture series, web links, and access to Asian newspapers.


301 International Center, East Lansing, Michigan, 48824.


Students, faculty, and anyone interested in Asian issues and studies.


The Asian Studies Center is comprised of faculty from many departments across MSU, as well as many partners in Asia.

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