National Gallery of the Spoken Word


MSU researchers Mark Lawrence Kornbluh, Michael Seadle, Joyce Grant, and Jack Deller, in partnership with several distinguished external scholars, consultants, and institutions, have established an ongoing five-year research project funded under the Digital Library Initiative II and spearheaded by the National Science Foundation. The National Gallery of the Spoken Word (NGSW) is creating an online fully-searchable digital library of spoken word collections spanning the 20th century. From Thomas Edison's first cylinder recordings and the voices of Babe Ruth and Florence Nightingale to Studs Terkel's timeless interviews and the oral arguments of the United States Supreme Court, the collections of the NGSW digital library cover a variety of interests and topics.


Researchers, Journalists, Historians, Students


MSU Matrix: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online, with funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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