Judicial Administration Online Noncredit Certificate Program


The Judicial Administration noncredit certificate program is designed to give participants the opportunity to build upon existing professional skills and gain basic knowledge and skills in judicial administration that can be readily applied in the court environment.

The program is comprised of sixty contact hours of instruction plus a capstone experience based on the NACM core competencies. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion within five years of the start date. Students who complete this program can apply the certificate toward credit-bearing courses or transfer those credits to a bachelor's or master's degree at another academic institution, if approved by that academic institution.


For individuals who are currently working- or have a desire to work- in the courts and aspire to achieve positions of management and leadership.


MSU's School of Criminal Justice; Local, state, and federal court systems; Professional court-related associations; Judicial branch education organizations; and MSU schools and departments (College of Social Science, MSU School of Law, School of Criminal Justice, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, and Department of Political Science.)

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