The Quilt Index


The Quilt Index is a central resource that incorporates a wide variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers, and quiltmaking. The Index includes:
images and information on privately held quilts compiled by over 56 state and regional quilt documentation projects in the United States and internationally;
images and information on quilts in public museum and library collections;
bibliographies of secondary materials relevant to quilt study; and
finding aids developed to assist researchers with locating hard-to-find quilt-related primary and secondary materials in public collections.

Quilts are searchable or browsable by timeperiod, style or technique, purpose or function, original location, or collection.


Researchers, historians.


MSU's MATRIX, along with the Alliance for American Quilts and a number of contributing organizations. The projecthas been supported in part by major grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

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