Climate Land Interaction Project (CLIP) - East Africa Information Resources and Lesson Plans


The purpose of the Climate Land Interaction Project (CLIP) is to understand the nature and magnitude of the interactions of climate and land use/cover change across East Africa. Researchers are employing a variety of tools to understand these important linkages. These include the use of regional atmospheric models, crop production models, land use/cover change models, satellite remote sensing, role playing simulations and household survey information. Data from several case study areas, located along ecological gradients located on prominent volcanoes (e.g., Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya) are being used to build high resolution models that can be scaled up to the region. The CLIP Website also offers lesson plans geared toward 7th graders.



Teachers, climatologists, experts in land use/cover change, remote sensing, meteorology, geographic information systems and ecology.


MSU's Department of Geography.

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