Exploring Africa K-12 Curriculum


Exploring Africa is an educational web-based curriculum and resource site developed for use in a classroom setting. Materials developed for Exploring Africa fulfill social studies and humanities national- and state-level standards and benchmarks for global education and the study of Africa. Exploring Africa includes:

  • A five-unit (25-module) comprehensive interactive curriculum that focuses on Africa through the social sciences and humanities.
  • Separate teacher and student pages.
  • A current events page with a new feature story developed each month.
  • Printable resources.
  • Country fact sheets.
  • Links to African newspapers and radio stations.
  • Links to quality Africa-related websites.



K-12 educators


MSU's MATRIX, MSU's African Studies Center, MSU's Office of International Studies and Programs, MSU's College of Education, and Carol Egbo, Social Studies Coordinator for the Waterford Michigan School District.

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