International Short Course: Agricultural Biotechnology, Biosafety, and Technology Transfer (August 2019)


Education and awareness on various aspects of agricultural biotechnology including environmental biosafety and food safety issues will help assist government agencies various stakeholders make informed decisions on genetically engineered crops and products. This program is designed to help participants better understand various issues surrounding the use and management of agricultural biotechnology globally.  The focus of this training program is on biotechnology research, policies and regulations, management, and public outreach components as well as biotechnology related trade issues.


August 4 - 16, 2019


MSU Campus in East Lansing, MI  48824


International students, scholars, scientists, senior administrators, governmental agencies, and policy-makers.


MSU's World Technology Access Program (WorldTAP). MSU partners with public and private institutions and draws from firmly established working relationships with government agencies, industry leaders, MSU faculty specialists, MSU research stations, other US universities, farmer groups, commodity and consumer groups, international development organizations and NGOs that are supportive of biotechnology research and development globally.

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