K-12 Education Outreach


The MSU College of Education's K-12 Outreach Office works with schools to improve student achievement by providing programs for, and services to, public school teachers and administrators. Through funding from the University and a variety of state and federal grants, the K-12 Outreach Office is currently involved in projects that feature innovative curriculum development, international collaborations, accountability, standards and assessment, leadership development for school administrators, induction and mentoring of beginning teachers, disseminating research and best practice for teaching and professional development, and other issues identified as important to affecting Michigan's education policy and practice.

K-12 Outreach staff work with state and national education organizations, K-higher education practitioners, legislative bodies, agencies, associations and foundations to affect education policy and practice. The mission and unifying theme of every K-12 Outreach activity is to improve student learning and increase student achievement throughout Michigan.


Erickson Hall, Room 253, 620 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824


Educational organizations; K-higher educators; legislative bodies; agencies; association and foundation


MSU College of Education, K-12 Outreach office

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