LeFrak Forum and Symposium on Science, Reason, and Modern Democracy


The LeFrak Symposium on Science, Reason, and Modern Democracy and the LeFrak Forum are centers for research and debate on the theory and practice of modern democracy. They sponsor lectures, conferences, publications, and teaching, as well as graduate, post-doctoral, and senior fellowships. Their specific mission is to explore the intersection of philosophy and public policy: to place theoretical issues in practical context and policy issues in philosophical perspective. The Symposium and the Forum are dedicated to fostering genuine intellectual debate, especially by introducing voices not regularly heard on university campuses — thinkers from the classical liberal, libertarian, and conservative traditions and other dissenters from reigning academic orthodoxies.


South Kedzie Hall, MSU, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


Political scientists; public policy practitioners; scholars; researchers; journalists.


MSU's Department of Political Science.

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