MSU Weed Tour (June 2018)


The tour will provide ample opportunity to look at research plots and participate in some short field presentations. Be sure to bring a hat and sun screen! Participants can compare their favorite corn and soybean herbicide programs to other commercial programs and check out some of the new herbicide-resistant crops and how these crops fit with overall weed management strategies. The morning tour ends with lunch.

The afternoon tours begin at 1 p.m. with two concurrent tours: 1) Weed Control in Horticultural Crops, located at MSU Horticulture Farm on College Road, south of Jolly Road, and 2) Non-GMO Soybean Weed Control Tour, located at MSU Agronomy Farm


June 27, 2018


Tour begins at the MSU Plant Pathology Field Lab, 3735 N College Road, East Lansing, MI


Growers, crop advisers.


MSU's Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and Department of Horticulture.

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