Transfusion Service Management Certificate Program (Online)


This program will explore the best practices and common work themes in the area of transfusion management. Students will achieve a thorough understanding of what is required to manage a transfusion practice.

This program includes the following courses:

  • BLD 835: Hemostasis, Thrombosis and Effective Resource Management: 3 credits
  • BLD 836: Adverse Transfusion Outcomes: Detection, Monitoring, and Prevention: 2 credits
  • BLD 837: Transfusion Service Operations and Management: 1 credit
  • BLD 838: The Clinical Context of Blood Product Management: 1 credit

Upon successful completion of these courses the person will receive a certificate of completion in Transfusion Management Services.





These courses were designed for professionals working in transfusion management services in a hospital or other medical care facility. To register for any of these certificate programs you must be admitted to the University as a student. Most students register as a "Lifelong" unless you have been accepted into a graduate program.

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