Employment Law Online Course--Avoiding Claims by Discharged Employees


This is part of an eight-unit online course discusses specific situations that affect an employer's decision in the area of employee terminations, such as exceptions to employment at will, special protections for whistleblowers and claims of discrimination. You will learn from actual court cases and decisions, gain knowledge of key concepts and engage in practice applications through short learning activities. In addition, you will gain familiarity with valuable resources you will refer to again and again. This course is the seventh of eight courses.

The Employment Law Online: Avoiding Claims by Discharged Employees course focuses on employment law issues arising when an employer makes a decision to discharge an employee. Its content covers employment laws and court decisions that will prepare you to make decisions about employee terminations and avoid claims by discharged employees.




This course is designed for human resources professionals, upper level managers, and others who handle human relations issues in the workplace on a regular basis. The course is also appropriate for attorneys who advise professionals in the area of human resources management.


MSU School of Labor and Industrial Relations.

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