Connected Mathematics Project: A Focus on Grade 6, 7, or 8 with CMP Workshops: Postponed Until June 2021


Join a Grade 6, Grade 7, or Grade 8 group for an in-depth discussion on mathematics and the pedagogy in CMP3. You will experience the Standards for Mathematical Practice and discuss the correlations to the CCSS during the workshops. There will be an opportunity to discuss implementation and management strategies for CMP3 with experienced CMP teachers and authors and to share ideas with colleagues from across the country. A special CMP carnival, complete with food and prizes will be offered mid-week.


June 2021


MSU Union, East Lansing, MI (MSU Campus)


This workshop is intended for teachers, coaches, teacher leaders, and administrators new to the curriculum, new to a grade level of the curriculum, or interested in receiving a more in-depth look at the mathematics and pedagogy of CMP as well as implementation strategies. It is also intended for experienced CMP teachers who want to explore the mathematics in a different grade level from that which they teach.

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