Professional Science Masters in Integrative Pharmacology Program (Online)


The Professional Science Masters in Integrative Pharmacology is an online program designed to train individuals in whole-animal and organ systems-level pharmacology AND business skills. Unique features of this program include required professional courses in Project Management, Intellectual Property & Patent Law for Researchers, Leadership & Team Building, The Drug Development Process, and Business of Biomedical Research. Students are also required to complete a Capstone research project and associated report. The program results in a 31-credit Master of Science degree, an on-the-job capstone research project, and a paper suitable for publishing.


Courses are offered almost exclusively online.


This degree targets the laboratory professional. Students who would benefit most from this program are currently employed in academic, industrial or government laboratories who are looking for additional academic credentials to enhance their career development. Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with at least 3 credits in chemistry and 3 credits in biology.

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