Vets to Ag Program


Vets to Ag is a unique program to train homeless US veterans to work in agriculture. Training is coordinated by the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology and is delivered by experts from MSU faculty and staff, including MSU Extension, Kellogg Biological Station, and the private sector. Training includes:

  • Basic plant and soil science
  • Equipment and workplace safety
  • Equipment operation
  • Computer skills
  • Integrated pest management
  • Training for the Michigan certified pesticide applicator exam
  • Specific training in a broad range of agricultural industries

The program includes room and board for the entire training period, classroom instruction and hands-on training. Job development and outreach to employers is integrated into the program. Resume writing, interview and study skills and a job fair are included as part of the program training and activities.


US Veterans, Farm managers, Human service agencies.



MSU Units/ Partners: This training program is part of the workforce development effort of the Michigan Department of Energy, labor & Economic Growth and is supported by local Michigan Works! Agencies, state and local veteran’s services organizations, and shelters that serve homeless veterans. Funding is provided by No Worker Left Behind with additional support for equipment and supplies provided by the Michigan Veteran’s Foundation.

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