Advanced Muscle Energy with Clinical Correlations (November 2020)


This course expands upon previous training on the use of muscle contraction as an activating force, particularly Muscle Energy: Level I. A lecture, a demonstration, and small group practice session format will review and enhance the concepts of muscle contraction and its use throughout the musculoskeletal system, including upper extremities and the vertebral column. More advanced techniques will be provided for the pelvis and spine. Muscle energy techniques for the upper and lower extremities will be given. Problem solving and integration with exercise principles will be emphasized. Students are requested to bring past experiences with muscle energy techniques for group discussion.

Prerequisites: Principles of Manual Medicine

Credit hours: 34 category IA


November 6 - 10, 2020


Michigan State University, Patenge Room - C102, East Lansing, MI


The manual medicine courses are restricted to licensed D.O.s, M.D.s, P.T.s and D.D.S.s. Courses are designed to build upon each other. Therefore, attendance is allowed only to those who have had the prerequisite training.


MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, Office of Continuing Medical Education.

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