Institute for Public Policy and Social Research


MSU's Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) applies research to important public policy issues, and strengthens relationships between the academic and policymaker communities. IPPSR is involved in:

  • Promoting and conducting interdisciplinary research on public policy issues;
  • Providing survey research and evaluation services through the Office for Survey Research;
  • Producing public policy and political leadership education and training programs such as the Legislative Leadership Program, Michigan Political Leadership Program, and Tomorrow's Political Leaders; and
  • Engaging in problem solving discussions around pressing societal needs.

Examples of projects include the State of the State Survey, the National College Health Assessment survey, and the Thumb Rural Health Network Survey. IPPSR offers an annual Policy Forum Series, which serves as an interactive meeting about issues facing Michigan communities. The Institute's Web site also contains searchable publications, information on special projects, and links to related public policy Web sites.


509 E. Circle Drive, Room 321, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


The Institute provides programs and services for local governments, state government departments, non-profit organizations, and businesses.


MSU's Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR), in the College of Social Science.

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