Integrated Pest Management Academy Online Course


The Desire to Learn Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Academy is an interactive, online program designed to provide a comprehensive and convenient online learning experience. This self-paced course features university experts and a full-service help center with 24/7 technical support and support materials to learn how to easily navigate the course. Current topics include:

  • An Introduction to IPM
  • IPM Resources at MSU
  • Plant Science
  • Soils 101
  • Identifying and Conserving Natural Enemies
  • Conserving Pollinators
  • Using Enviroweather to Assist IPM Program Decisions
  • Scouting in Greenhouses
  • Scouting in Perennial Crops
  • Scouting in Vegetable Crops


Online, Desire to Learn Course


Farmers; pesticide applicators; growers; any agricultural or green industry professional

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