Product Counterfeiting Academic Online Courses (Summer 2019)


The MSU Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection is offering two online academic courses in Summer 2019:

CJ491 : Topics in Criminal Justice: Introduction to Product Counterfeiting: 

This undergraduate course is an introductory examination of product counterfeiting, a global
crime that affects people of every socio-economic class, race, gender and culture. The materials
presented in this course provide a global understanding of product counterfeiting including the
role of brand owners, law enforcement, governments, legitimate businesses, criminal enterprises,
and individual consumers.

CJ809: Issues in Criminal Justice: Understanding Product Counterfeiting:

This graduate course explores the crime of product counterfeiting through a mix of theoretical perspectives from criminology, victimology, and organizational behavior. Through an analysis of theory, empirical studies, and case histories this course helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of product counterfeiting, and promotes the scientific application of theory and research as a means of developing effective crime prevention solutions.


Summer 2019. Registration opens in April.




Students and working professionals

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