Fellowship of Instructional Leaders


The Fellowship offers a research-based approach to school improvement, customized to the unique context of your school. The Fellowship builds capacity to lead improved instructional practice for increased student achievement. We can help you and your school leadership team improve the learning climate of your school, advance the quality of instruction in your classrooms, and set and meet meaningful school improvement goals.

As part of the Fellowship, your school leadership team will learn how to improve instruction throughout your building by focusing on your own data in the context of MSU's framework for action. Quality instruction is at the heart of the framework, with teachers learning to use data to drive instruction and improve learning. The program is grounded in the best research around teaching and learning. With nearly a decade of experience, this program has had proven success in schools just like yours.


620 Farm Lane, Room 253, E. Lansing, MI


K-12 Educators and Administrators


Central component of MI Excel, Michigan’s Statewide System of Support (SSOS)

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