Strategic Decision Making (April 2019)


Decision-making is a central element of strategic processes within firms.  A firm’s strategic position, resource sets, and degree of competitive advantage are the outcome of a string of “big-bet” strategic decisions.  Thus, these decisions are central in determining the strategic success or failure of the firm.  However, manager’s experiences, stories in the business press, and academic research all demonstrate that the strategic decisions often fail.  Are these failures an inevitable outcome due to the riskiness of the decisions, or are they predictable surprises?

In this program, we will explore the process of strategic decision-making and will aim to identify issues that both impede and improve the likelihood of decision success.  In our discussions, we will examine how the characteristics of decision makers, the structure and dynamics of the decision team, and the steps used in the decision process all impact the likelihood of decision success.


April 18, 2019.  8:30 am - 5:00 pm


James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, 3535 Forest Rd, Lansing, MI, 48910


This program is designed for mid-level to senior-level management such as vice presidents, general managers, division or department heads, project team leaders, director and others in key decision making positions for their organization.

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