Master Certificate in Business Leadership and Management (Online)


This three-course online certificate program from Michigan State University equips you with an arsenal of valuable new skills and credentials that will help you impact the strategic direction of your organization. You’ll tap into the knowledge and experience of the university’s leading global research faculty, the same instructors who teach master’s level courses on campus. You’ll also explore case studies and networking opportunities, and practice applying real-world, career-enhancing strategies.  You’ll take three required eight-week courses in succession - Strategic Leadership, Strategic Decision Making and Strategic Management - and earn 10.5 Continuing Education Units (3.5 CEUs per course). These courses cover everything from business models to decision making techniques to corporate value creation. Each course builds upon the last, developing a comprehensive skill set that moves business strategies from the “idea stage” to “big picture” implementation.






This online master certificate program benefits professionals at all levels who want to contribute to their organization’s performance. It is ideal for directors and company executives who determine strategic direction and position their organization to lead within its industry. The Master Certificate in Business Leadership and Management program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving upon their organizational management skills.

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