NCI Charrettes + Design Thinking Certificate Program Training (Harvard) (July 2018)


Whether you are working on a community design, public policy or a company’s strategic plan, this course will equip you with a flexible, yet replicable, systematic project management process. The charrette harnesses the energies of all parties by immersing them into the design thinking process. Communities and organizations become transformed in the way they work together to solve complex—and often contentious—problems.

The course is structured around the NCI Charrette System, a time-tested, three-phase project management process. Content includes tools for gauging the length and cost of a charrette using project budget, political considerations, and design difficulty. Also included in the training are design thinking empathy and ideation tools, conflict resolution tools, social media, distance participation, keypad polling, web-based flip charts, and touch tables for public design meetings.


July 23 - 25, 2018


Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall, 1585 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138


City and regional planners, public health staff, developers, architects, land planning consultants, transportation planning consultants, city administrators, citizen advocates, and anyone else involved in transforming communities and organizations.


MSU School of Planning Design and Construction; Harvard University Graduate School of Design

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