Craniosacral Techniques: Part 3 (August 2019)


This four and a half day intense course will take what you’ve learned in the Cranial I and II courses to a new level.  You will learn to understand fascial linkages throughout the body, get more information on the cranial rhythmic impulse, how to use the CRI throughout the body for diagnosis and treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders, effect of emotions on the CRI and tissue mechanics, utilize the Becker Technique of the fulcrum, understand and treat tissue memory in physical and emotional trauma and understand the human bioenergy field and it’s relationship to the CRI in health and disease.

Prerequisites: Principles of Manual Medicine, Craniosacral Techniques: Part I, and Craniosacral Techniques Part II

Credit hours: 35 1-A


August 9 - 13, 2019


East Lansing, MI


The manual medicine courses are restricted to licensed D.O.s, M.D.s, P.T.s and D.D.S.s.

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