Livestock Industries Certificate Program


The Livestock Industries certificate program is a three semester program designed to give students a professional advantage in the livestock production career field of their choice. Students are exposed to a broad spectrum of applied course work and hands-on education at the university’s facilities and an extensive industry internship. Students engage with leading professors, researchers, and future professional colleagues in a manner that is directly applicable to a functioning livestock operation and also develop communication skills while bridging the gap between theory and practical best management practices. 

Students are required to complete courses in reproduction, animal nutrition, anatomy and physiology, live animal and carcass evaluation, livestock management and farm business management. This program is unique in that allows students to pick elective courses as well so that they can further specialize their educational plan to meet their needs, making them more marketable once they enter the work force. These courses can include agricultural economics, crop and soil science, agricultural technology and animal science.


Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI


Those seeking a career in livestock production

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