Food Fraud Audit Guide: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) (August, September 2018)


The Food Fraud MOOCs are outreach programs that include a two-week program with readings, a 2-hour lecture, and then a weekly assessment quiz. The objective of the Food Fraud MOOCs is to provide students with an insight into the emerging corporate need of Food Fraud prevention and specific topics. The Food Fraud Audit Guide MOOC  will provide participants with insight on meeting the regulatory compliance requirements the likes of GFSI, FSMA, ISO, Sarbanes‐Oxley and other Food Fraud regulations and industry standards. Those key requirements are: (1) conduct an incident review, (2) conduct a Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment (FFVA), (3) implement a Food Fraud Prevention Strategy (FFPS), and (4) demonstrate management commitment. There is a $100 fee for the pending Certificate of Completion.

The MOOC is structured as two live webinar sessions. While registered students can view these online after 
presentation, it is highly recommended that they be “attended” live to afford students the opportunity to pose questions to the instructors. Students will be given reading assignments and quizzes to demonstrate their understanding and application of presented materials and concepts. Students that successful complete the MOOC can receive a Certificate of Completion.



August 8 - September 5, 2018




MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) invite large-scale participation and are free to anyone in the world via the web.

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