Supervisory Management in the Water/Wastewater Field (Online, Self-paced)


This self-paced, online program consists of seven lessons about key management and supervisory principles specifically designed for supervisory management in the water/wastewater field. Upon registration, you will receive a textbook and guide, as well as references to additional reading materials, with detailed instructions on how to complete the program requirements. The program is divided into seven sections, and after completion of each section, you will complete an online multiple-choice examination to test your learning. You may take each examination more than once, and your final score for each section will be automatically recorded.  An accumulated pass score for all multiple-choice examinations is 70% or above and you will be able to view the results immediately upon completion of each examination. Upon satisfactory completion of all seven sections, you will receive a letter of verification showing you have earned continuing education units, each unit equivalent to 10 hours of study, and a certificate awarded by Michigan State University. Most states recognize this program as a necessary part of personal development for certification, job upgrading and certificate renewal.


January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019




This program is specifically designed for those working in the water/wastewater industry, and will help those wishing to learn supervisory skills. These could include system managers, department heads, superintendents of treatment plants, distribution systems, collection systems etc., chief operators and operators, maintenance leaders and managers, office leaders, coordinators and team members.

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