HR Analytics (August 2019)


Understanding and using data is the future foundation of making important HR decisions. Attending this workshop will prepare participants to:

  • Take data you already have and turn it into decision-making reports without having to buy new software or use outside consultants
  • Provide essential insights to your company that can only come from data analytics
  • Understand your employees' age and experience allowing you to better predict when they are going to leave or retire
  • Develop a recruitment strategy based upon a thorough knowledge of your current talent and future talent needs
  • Train your current workforce to be ready for opportunities when they develop, creating a path of progression and increased retention
  • Position your HR department as a strategic partner, using hard data to help make important decisions


August 6, 2019


East Lansing Marriott, 300 M.A.C. Avenue, East Lansing, MI 48823


HR professionals; anyone interested in data science and how big data plays a role in organizations

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