Michigan County and Statewide Historic Aerial Imagery Archive


The RS&GIS Aerial Imagery Archive at Michigan State University is the best place to acquire historic imagery needed to complete your research or analysis. Our Archive is home to the largest repository of remotely-sensed imagery for Michigan.

Available Data

  • Aerial datasets acquired by counties, the State of Michigan, and federal agencies dating from the 1920's to the 2000's.  The Archive generally maintains at least one photo set per decade for every location in Michigan.
  • County, state, and federal digital orthoimagery datasets.  GIS-ready datasets.
  • Unique datasets such as Great Lakes shoreline imagery, large-scale (high resolution) project-level imagery, color infrared photography, etc.
  • Statewide soils, topography, and wetlands available in GIS format.


Land use/cover professionals; state and local utilities agencies; mapping/cartographers.


MSU Remote Sensing and GIS Research and Outreach Services (RS&GIS).

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