Drainage Monitoring Field Day (July 2018)


In this workshop, participants will learn about edge-of-field monitoring of a drainage system and the research being conducted. In the morning, an informational presentation will include simple low-cost monitoring with a V-notch weir and water grab sampling as well as high-tech monitoring with an area-velocity sensor and automated water sampling. In the afternoon, we will visit an on-farm experiment to see the equipment. Some of the equipment will include the ATMOS-41 Weather Station, HYDROS-21 Water-Level Sensor, and TEROS-12 Soil Moisture Sensor (METER GROUP, Pullman, WA). Other equipment will include TIENet-350 Area-Velocity Sensor, Signature Data Logger, and 6712 Automated Sampler (Teledyne ISCO, Lincoln, NE).


July 19, 2018.  10:00 am - 3:00 pm.


MSU Extension Office, River Raisin Room, 1040 S. Winter Street, Adrian, MI


Educators, technicians, agency staff, students, and engineers.


Lenawee Conservation District

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