Managing Knowledge as an Asset (September 2018)


It is said that “knowledge is the currency of the new economy.”  And yet, essential, strategic, expensive knowledge is walking out your door every week.  Voluntary turnover is on the rise and, more critically, highly experienced baby boomers are retiring in great numbers.

In the Information Age, businesses must not only mitigate “brain drain”, they must make knowledge and process wisdom a true asset that can be leveraged across the organization.  Unfortunately, traditional HR practices and high-tech knowledge management systems have not been up to the challenge for most organizations.

Don’t leave knowledge transfer to chance.  Institute a system to capture, share and manage this critical asset.

This is a free briefing.


September 13, 2018.  11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, 3535 Forest Rd, Lansing, Michigan, 48910


You will benefit most from this program if you are a:

  • Senior leader in a knowledge-driven organization
  • Manager who hires, trains and develops employees with specialized skills
  • Human Resources or Learning & Development professional
  • Business process owner or manager
  • Leader of an ISO, Process or Knowledge Management center of excellence

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