Design Thinking and Customer Experience Transformation (September 2018)


Transforming your organization requires more than a technology silver bullet.  It requires an enterprise-wide approach that considers changes in strategic planning, business processes, culture and performance metrics.  Only this level of holistic thinking will deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

Design Thinking & Customer Experience Transformation will demonstrate proven principles and a road map you can use to:

  • Evaluate your organization’s strategic need for CX transformation
  • Look at your business from your customer’s perspective
  • Select improvement/innovation projects that will have the greatest impact on your success
  • Assess how customer experience impacts strategy
  • Look at your business through the customer’s eyes
  • Understand the principles of design thinking in business
  • Identify business process changes that address your customer’s “moments of truth”
  • Deploy creative customer experience solutions
  • Make your culture more customer-centric


September 20, 2018.  9:00 am - 4:30 pm


The James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, 3535 Forest Rd, Lansing, Michigan, 48910


You will benefit most from this program if you are a:

  • Senior leader considering CX/Design Thinking for your organization
  • Service/Product Line Leader
  • Business Process Owner
  • Leader who owns the customer relationship
  • Customer Service Leader or Customer Relationship Manager
  • Member of a strategic planning or marketing team

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