Kinship Caregiver: Michigan Children’s Health Access Program (MI-CHAP) Concepts, Statewide Implementation and Practical Connections (Online, Self-paced)


The Michigan Children’s Health Access Program (MI-CHAP) is designed to improve the health outcomes of Michigan’s children on Medicaid by connecting families to resources and services to help them access primary care. Staffed with community health workers, social workers, and other staff, CHAP teams assist parents with support to get to doctor’s appointments, education around when to go to a primary care provider, and other services/resources needed to effectively work with their primary care physicians. MI-CHAP also provides services through 2-1-1, called Virtual CHAP, to help make connections to community supports. We encourage you to come and learn more about how MI-CHAP can help Michigan families.
Available SW CECHs: 0.0


Through December 31, 2020


Online - Asynchronous, non-interactive, online, self-paced


Families raising relatives' children. Kinship caregivers.

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