Lean Production Workshop


Lean Production is a system of work organization that strives to deliver high quality, low-cost products through the efficient use of resources and the elimination of waste. In the session, participants will learn about the principles and practices of lean production systems and discuss the forces that are driving manufacturing firms to change the way that they work. Participants will discuss what "lean" means to the production worker and to the front-line manager, particularly with respect to work standards, job rotation, teamwork, job intensity, and cooperative labor-management processes.  A central feature of the workshop is a simulation that will provide an opportunity for a hands-on experience of a lean work system. The simulation is designed to illustrate many of the tangible and intangible differences between mass production and lean production systems as well as to surface questions and tension points that typically need to be addressed when implementing a lean production system.


Offered on-site at your organization


Managers and employees in lean production systems.


MSU's School of Labor and Industrial Relations.

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