Kettunen Center Conference and Retreat Services (Tustin, MI)


MSU’s Michigan 4-H Foundation maintains the Kettunen Center, a conference facility that provides 11 meeting rooms including a new assembly hall for conferences, seminars, and retreats for government, community, education, and business organizations. The assembly hall, part of the newly built Mawby Learning Center, seats up to 200 people, with two adjoining breakout spaces for smaller groups. It is air conditioned and features state-of-the-art communications and presentation technology. Room set-up options include theater, classroom, conference, U-shaped boardroom, and double-U formations. Located in Osceola County, the Center provides total conference packages, which include meeting rooms, dining and overnight accommodations, recreation, and other amenities.


14901 4H Drive, Tustin, MI, 49688.


Organizations and businesses looking for conference or retreat space.


MSU’s Michigan 4-H Foundation.

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