Berry Crop Entomology Information and Resources


The Isaacs Lab studies the biology and management of insects in berry crops. Members of the lab are currently working on pest phenology, pheromone mating disruption, pollination, biological control, and selective insecticide evaluations, all with insects found in berry crops. Their extension program provides growers with practical information to make decisions about insect management, to improve their productivity, profit, and environmental safety.

Pollination is critical for production of most berry crops, and we are investigating the ecology and management of pollinators and their economic value. We are also exploring the interactions between landscape structure and beneficial insects, both natural enemies and pollinators, in Michigan farmland.


Fruit growers.


MSU Department of Entomology, with funding by MSU AgBioResearch, MSU Extension, Project GREEEN, USDA, and Michigan small fruit commodity groups.

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