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    MSU researchers have collaborated to create, a web site designed to facilitate nanotechnology research and education by publicizing MSU's research expertise, facilities, and educational programs, providing a central point of contact for off-campus inquiries, distributing nanotechnology-related information of general interest, and encouraging new synergistic collaborations. The site lists participants and their areas of research, research centers, relevant news items, and other national nanotechnology research efforts.

  • Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories


    A-407 East Fee Hall , 965 Fee Road, East Lansing, MI 48824


    The primary focus of our research laboratories is to understand mechanisms of osteoarthrosis and investigate methods of diagnosis, intervention, and prevention of this disease. In these investigations, the OBL utilizes in vivo animal models, human cadavers, and mathematical models to study blunt joint trauma. The OBL also conducts experiments on athletic and workplace footwear in cooperation with various manufacturers. These studies specifically examine the durability, comfortability, and the ability of footwear to help protect the body from injury.

    The OBL regularly performs co-operative studies with orthopaedic manufacturers to assist in the evaluation and development of new products and devices. Through experimentation involving biomechanical tests, histological analyses, biochemical assays, and mathematical model analyses, we seek to answer the many questions that evolve when studying various musculoskeletal diseases and related problems.

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