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  • Community Integrated Medicine Public Health Services


    The greater Lansing area and southeast Michigan


    CIM is a service organization that provides basic health screenings and preventive health education to the medically underserved. Members partake in tutoring and mentoring programs for high school students. CIM services all ages, ethnic groups, and genders throughout the Lansing and southeast Michigan communities.

  • Human Energy Research Laboratory


    IM Circle, Room 30, East Lansing, MI 48824


    MSU's Department of Kinesiology provides testing and evaluation for MSU and the surrounding community through the Human Energy Research Laboratory (HERL). The Lab has access to a variety of equipment, as well as trained technicians for measurements using the devices. They welcome collaborations with both on and off-campus groups and individuals. The Lab's capabilities include:

    • Measurement of VO2max or submaximal exercise capacity using indirect calorimetry (portable and non-portable)
    • Assessment of lung function via spirometry
    • Evaluation of anaerobic capacity using Wingate testing
    • Body composition assessment via air displacement (BodPod)
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